This is a video documentary by Vice (one of my favourite magazines) and covers the story and plight of the Devadasi in India.  Devadasi are essentially prostitutes who are sold as children to work in the name of a Hindu god as a common whore.  Whilst this seems to alleviate their financial situation and the situation of their families, it completely abuses the rights of the girls, twists the Hindu religion to suit capitalist greed, leaves generations of women illiterate and dependent on prostitution and therefore trapping future generations into a line of poverty and possible prostitution and a whole range of health risks, not least HIV/AIDS infection.  I’m really glad someone pointed this video out to me.  Women’s rights (particularly regarding sex workers) and indeed India are close to my heart and I was also impressed that it was Vice that covered the story and made a really touching, insightful documentary.  Please take the time to watch it!